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3. Development of happy Attitude towards Learning- training can be quite a task that is boring the small children whenever done through the publications plus one could make it interesting than ever before with thoroughly tested approach to training through play principles.

4. Long Term Retention of Concepts - The things that are learnt in an enjoyable means, tend to be more completely studied and therefore get its hold in children's brain for a longer period.

5. Creativity Boost Up- The games searching for the side that is creative of this player makes them use most of it thus improve it a lot better than any other means of research.

6. Critical Thinking Development- Choosing the one or one other, doing a significant choice in a casino game or constructing an effective technique to win contrary to the rivals demands critical thinking and therefore develop equivalent within the many way that is fun-filled.

7. team building events Attitude- a lot of the games are far more fun when played in a group and thus teaches the group attitude that is building small children.

8. Communication and Language Improvement- The games teaching basic alphabets, words or languages or the games requiring multi-players, both are useful in interaction and language development abilities of small young ones.

9. Problem ideas that are solving The games when used attention and an objective, presents a lot of challenges requiring issues and puzzles become resolved with utter presence of head and therefore slowly develop this ability among little kids.